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At Schrock Roofing, we’re passionate about providing high-quality service, whether we’re repairing damaged shingles after a hailstorm or replacing an entire roof. We have had over three decades to perfect our customer service and roofing techniques, which has led us to become one of the most standout companies for residential roofing in Butte, MT, and the surrounding areas.

From initial contact to the final result, you can expect the entire process to be efficient and hassle-free. We believe in approaching every roofing project with our values of honesty and integrity, and we’re always on top of communication with our clients. If you need expert roofing services in or around Butte, contact us to schedule an inspection today!

Top Roofing Company Offering Expert New Roof Installation in Butte, MT

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, keeping the elements out, preventing structural damage, and helping regulate the temperature inside your house. You need an experienced roofing contractor for your roof installation to ensure your home has optimal protection that will last for decades.

At Schrock Roofing, we have the roofing expertise to install many types of residential roofs, including:

  • Shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Tile
  • Cedar shake
  • Membrane roofing
  • Fluid-applied roof systems
  • Built-up/tar and gravel roofs

Our most common residential roofing jobs for homeowners in Butte, MT, involve asphalt shingles and metal roofs, but our experienced team can accommodate all your roofing needs. We have the know-how to install both pitched and flat roofing systems, ensuring we can provide high-quality results no matter the project.

Professional Residential Roof Replacement in Butte, MT

Depending on the type of roof you have, it can survive decades, safeguarding your home from natural hazards. In many cases, you might be able to significantly extend the life of your roof with a few quality repairs. However, if your asphalt shingle roof is over 20 years old or your metal roof has been on your house for over 50 years, and you’re getting multiple leaks, it could be time for a new roof.

When it’s time to replace your roof, you can rely on the best roofing company in Butte, MT, for the job. At Schrock Roofing, we’ve helped many homeowners in the area by efficiently tearing down their old roof and replacing it with a new, beautiful roof made of top-notch materials.

Experienced Roofers Providing Residential Roof Maintenance in Butte, MT

At Schrock Roofing, we’re a full-service roofing company that offers regular roof maintenance plans to ensure your roof stays at peak performance. Depending on your needs, we’ll establish a plan to inspect your roof periodically, checking for damage and making repairs as needed to prevent issues from growing into costly undertakings.

You can contact our friendly team to find out what maintenance plans our roofing company provides, and we’ll help you determine what’s best for your roofing needs.

Reliable Residential Roof Repair in Butte, MT

No repair job is too big or small for our expert roofing team in Butte, MT. Even the most minor leaks can lead to major issues down the road, so don’t wait for the problem to get worse before you call us to inspect the damage.

Our team at Schrock Roofing, takes pride in our ability to provide top-quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Since client satisfaction is our highest priority, we always deliver thorough, high-quality roof repairs so your home is watertight and leak-free. We offer repairs for any roof type, including shingles, metal, and cedar shake roofs.

Roof Inspection Services in Butte, MT

As a professional roofing company, we have the latest equipment for roof inspections and offer a range of inspection services so you can have an up-to-date report on your roof’s condition, whether you need it for insurance claims or want to check for causes of leaks or other damage to your property.

At Schrock Roofing, we help homeowners in Butte, MT, and nearby locations keep their repair costs low and extend the lifetime of their roofs by providing expert roof inspections to identify damage before it gets out of hand. We’ll carefully examine every inch of your roof to ensure there are no issues with the roofing system, including the shingles, gutters, vents, and other features.

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If you’re searching for experts in residential roofing in Butte, MT, or one of the nearby communities, you can depend on Schrock Roofing, to take care of your roof issues with exceptional customer service and professional workmanship. Our project manager serves as your diligent point of contact and ensures the completed work is up to standard by conducting a final inspection at the end of the project.

Do you need a professional residential roofing company in Butte, MT? Contact us today to schedule your inspection at 406-961-2990!

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