Commercial Roofing Contractor in Coeur D’Alene, ID

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Coeur D'Alene, IDYour roof is one of the most important aspects of your commercial building because it protects your business and your employees all year round. Therefore, in order to ensure that your business carries on uninterrupted all year round, you need to take adequate measures to make certain that your roof is in the best condition possible. For this you should partner with a trusted, expert professional commercial roofing contractor. Schrock Commercial Roofing has been serving the Coeur D’Alene ID area for 35+ years and have established themselves as the very best. You can contact them at 406-961-2990 and connect with their experts for all your questions.

What Schrock offers as your commercial roofing contractor

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Coeur D'Alene, IDSchrock Commercial Roofing has some defining features on which is sets itself apart from the rest in the industry. We promise honesty, trust and always putting our clients’ interests first for all their roofing projects.

  • We always try our best to avoid roof replacements unless they are absolutely necessary. We only use the best products and our liquid applied roof products form a layer on top of your old roof, making it strong, seamless and waterproof. This allows us to extend the life of the roof and delay roof replacements which can be very expensive and have long downtimes.
  • We always focus on quality, and we are proud to be Energy Star® Certified. We prefer Conklin® roofing products because they are known in the industry to not only be the best but also have exceptional energy efficiency. Since they offer up to 85% reflectivity, this can translate into 30% AC cost savings, depending on location, which are huge for businesses and commercial buildings.
  • Our focus is to provide our clients with durable protection that can last a long time! The single ply membrane system that we use is formulated for superior-grade strength and flexibility, in addition to up to a 20-year non-prorated warranty that we provide on our labor and materials both.
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So, if you are looking for a trusted partner in Coeur D’Alene ID, Schrock Commercial Roofing is simply the best option because of our commitment to client satisfaction and as a full scale commercial roofing contractor we provide complete business solutions so that our customers can rest easy and know that everything is being taken care of. You can reach us at 406-961-2990 and our experts would be more than happy to answer all your questions.