Dos and Don’ts of Roof Replacement in Florence, Montana


A roof is the ultimate layer of brick and metal that stands between your family and the harsh weather outside. It is an essential part of your property’s structure that needs to be closely taken care of. While roof replacements may be costly, they are one of the most effective methods to rejuvenate your roofing system.

Schrock Roofing is one of Montana and Bitterroot Valley’s most widely acclaimed roofing contractors. Roof replacement, repairs, maintenance, inspection, you name it, we have it all! To learn more about how we operate in Florence, MT, contact us at 406-961-2990.

When will you need a roof replacement?

Roof replacements should be treated as an investment rather than a recurring expense. Like any other investment, roof replacements are avoidable in many situations while inevitable in the rest.


The most common need for a roof replacement is an aged, worn, torn roofing system. Over time, the overall structural integrity of your roof can decline, which may lead to leaks and breaks. Many people get their roof replacements after an annual spell of harsh weather. Heavy snow, hail, and strong wind can weaken your roof and might call for a replacement. If your roofing system is decades old, consider upgrading to modern energy-efficient roofing systems. Not only will you get a new roof over your head, but you will also brush the burden of electricity bills off your shoulders. Finally, many people get their roofs replaced when reselling their property. A new roof instantly bumps the market value of your building and can lead to better prices.

Why is Schrock Roofing the best roofing services provider?

The name Schrock Roofing has been running around in the streets of Bitterroot Valley for more than three decades. Our experienced team has been serving the landlords of Florence, Montana, for some time now and is proud to have earned their trust. Schrock Roofing is proud of its effort in setting and maintaining its standards of excellence and commitment in the roofing industry. We continue to emphasize quality and transparency to get the customers the best deals.

Roof replacement is unique for every project, and Schrock Roofing understands that. Schrock Roofing is aware that a lot of money goes into roof replacements. To get you the most premium service possible, our experts closely assess your property and your needs, recommend materials, and prepare a tailored solution to your roofing problems. Besides roof replacement services, we offer other commercial and residential roofing services, including repairs, inspections, maintenance, etc.

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