Flat Roof Repair in Bozeman, MT

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There are several architectural advantages to a flat roof system for industrial and commercial buildings. However, when a flat roof leaks, it will take on far more water than a standard roof. Luckily, Schrock Roofing specializes in industrial and commercial roofing services for clients in and around Bozeman, Montana. Our team of experts has years of experience doing flat roof repairs. Give us a call at (406) 961-2990 for a free on-site roof inspection.

Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient

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Making your commercial or industrial building energy-efficient is not only good for the environment, but it saves you money in the long run. The cost of an energy-efficient flat roof eventually pays for itself since it cuts down on energy bills. We use American-made Conklin® liquid-applied roofing products on flat roofs. When applied, not only will it make your roof seamless and watertight for years to come, but it also saves you around 30% per year on A/C due to sun reflectivity.

Other Benefits of Conklin®

Conklin® forms a seamless membrane over your flat roof which stops any leaks and extends your roof’s lifespan. This also means you don’t need to pay for a costly full roof replacement. Plus, since this method of repair can be performed with little to no disruption to the people within the building, you don’t need to close up shop like you would for a full roof replacement.

On-Site Inspections
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Conklin® products are backed with a 20-year non-prorated warranty on both supplies and labor. It is lightweight, which means you won’t be adding any potentially damaging deadweight to your building. Once the seamless Conklin® layer adheres to your roof, you won’t need to worry about future repairs, bad weather, or any of your roof’s preexisting problems.

For a free flat roof repair estimate, call Schrock Roofing at (406) 961-2990 today! The longer you wait to fix a problem with your flat roof, the further the damage will spread. This means you’ll eventually need to pay more for the repair or potentially need to get a new roof altogether. Our company has made a name for itself as the top industrial and commercial roofing contractor servicing Bozeman, Montana, and its surrounding areas.