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Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. is a Montana-based flat roof repair company located in Victor, MT, and serving Hamilton, Missoula, Great Falls, Kalispell, Billings, Helena, Bozeman, Butte, and areas of UT and ID.

We have more than 35 years of industry experience providing commercial and residential flat roof repair and to homeowners, building owners, and facility managers.  For the best in flat roof repair services, call us today at 406-961-2990.

Flat Roof Repair Services

They may be called “flat,” but flat roofs are more appropriately termed “low sloped roofs.”  Typically a flat roof has a 1:80 slope, which facilitates water runoff. There are several different coverings we typically encounter when we make repairs to commercial flat roofs:

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  • Built-up
  • Single ply membrane: EPDM (rubber), TPO, PVC
  • Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Modified bitumen
  • Fluid-applied membranes
  • Spray foam

No matter what type of material in flat roof is composed of, or how large your roof is, or how difficult the repair job may be, Schrock Commercial Roofing has the expertise, resources, and tools to handle it.

Does My Flat Roof Need Repair?

If you aren’t sure whether your commercial building’s flat roof needs to be repaired, the best thing to do is call the professionals at Schrock Commercial Roofing. Venturing out onto a roof that may be compromised can be dangerous and is best left to an expert with the proper training and safety equipment. You can call us at 406-961-2990 for a free estimate or to schedule an initial consultation and site visit.

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However, there are some warning signs you can look for that may indicate your flat roof needs to be repaired:

  • Dark patches on the ceiling for interior walls that may indicate moisture
  • If it looks like your roof is sagging
  • Ponding water after heavy rain that doesn’t dry out after a couple days
  • Water stains around low spots of the roof
  • Visible deterioration in the roofing material – fraying material, punctures, holes, tears, etc.

If your roof has sustained a leak, we will take immediate action to stop it and prevent further damage from occurring, while tracking down the source and travel pattern of the leak. Water often travels under the surface of the roof to leak in multiple spots below.

Comprehensive Flat Roof Repair Services For Montana

At Schrock Commercial Roofing, we offer a full lineup a flat roof repair services to fit your exact needs:

On-Site Inspections
(406) 961-2990
  • Flat roof inspections
  • General, local repairs, including patchwork
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Customizable flat roof maintenance programs: You choose how often and what it includes!
  • Flat roof restoration: Rejuvenate and waterproof your flat roof with a premium roof coating!
  • Flat roof replacement: When repairs aren’t enough.

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