Flat Roof Repair in Kalispell, MT

flat roof repair kalispell mt

If you’re an owner or manager of a commercial building, chances are high you have a flat roof to take care of. Business buildings typically opt for flat roofs because they are more cost effective and functional than traditional sloped roofs. However, they also come with their own, unique list of challenges and issues it is important to be aware of.

If your commercial roof is showing signs of wear or if it hasn’t been looked at by a professional recently, call the professionals at Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. at (406) 961-2990. Schrock is Kalispell, Montana’s #1 commercial roofing contractor of choice, and we are in the business of protecting our client’s investments. Whatever repair(s) your flat roof may need, we can diagnose and fix it.

Repair Services For All Types of Flat Roofs

There are a wide variety of flat roofing systems in existence – built-up, modified bitumen, single ply (rubber, TPO, PVC), metal, and many more. Schrock Commercial Roofing has the knowledge, experience, and resources to take care of them all.

flat roof repair kalispell montana

We provide the following flat roof repair services:

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Small, general repairs
  • Flat roof restoration
  • Cool roof coatings
  • Customizable maintenance programs
  • Flat roof inspections
  • And much more!

Whether or not your flat roof is giving you problems, call Schrock Commercial Roofing right away at (406) 961-2990. If you have an issue, we guarantee we can fix it quickly and effectively. If your roof is in good working order, we can make sure it stays that way for as long as possible with regular maintenance and care by a trained professional.

Montana’s Flat Roof Restoration Specialists

In some cases, small, general repairs to your roof may not be enough, but a full-on replacement isn’t necessary either. In those scenarios, we at Schrock Commercial Roofing often suggest restoring your flat roof. Our flat roof restoration service involves applying a high-quality elastomeric roof coating across the entirety of your existing roof, sealing it against leaks and adding years and even decades to its service life.

Schrock Commercial Roofing uses only the best products available, and when it comes to flat roof restoration, that means premium roof coatings from Conklin Roof Systems. Conklin’s superior coatings are specifically designed to solve the most common issues that afflict flat roofs:

  • Weak, failing seams
  • Deterioration due to membrane expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall
  • Pooling water due to inadequate drainage or low spots
  • Compromised, missing, or loose fasteners
  • General wear and tear incident to age

A single application of any of Conklin’s roof coatings can help you see immediate benefits, including:

On-Site Inspections
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  • 30-50% savings in utility costs
  • Rooftop temperature drop of up to 80 degrees
  • Up to 85% reflectivity of the sun’s rays
  • Seamless waterproof barrier
  • ENERGY STAR rating (may qualify you for rebates)
  • Improved resistance to hail, wind, water, and more
  • Ability to flex, expand, and contract with weather, temperature, and climate changes

And did we mention that all Conklin restoration systems come with optional, non-prorated warranties of up to 20 years on 100% of materials and labor? That’s a deal that can’t be beat!

To learn more and work with a company who combines superior craftsmanship and quality products with world-class customer care, call Schrock Commercial Roofing today at (406) 961-2990!