Flat Roof Replacement in Helena, MT

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The words, “Your roof needs to be replaced,” can strike fear into any property manager’s or facility owner’s heart. Replacing the flat roof on your commercial building can be a long, expensive, messy project, and finding a company you can trust to do good, efficient work can seem impossible. If you are located in Helena, Montana, however, you are in luck – Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. is your local full-service commercial roofing company with more than 35 years of experience.

Replacing your flat roof is not a job that should be taken lightly – you need someone with professional experience, knowledge, expertise, and resources. Call Schrock Commercial Roofing today at (406) 961-2990. We will set up an initial, on-site consultation to confirm whether or not your roof needs replacing and walk you through your options.

Flat Roof Replacement Options

flat roof replacement helena montana

There are a few common signs that may indicate it’s time to replace your flat roof completely:

  • Leaks have become a common occurrence, even with regular maintenance and repairs.
  • More than 25% of your roof has been restored, replaced, or repaired, but continues to operate inefficiently.
  • Your roof is showing significant wear and tear and is reaching the end of its warrantied life.

A thorough inspection by one of Schrock Commercial Roofing’s certified technicians can help you determine if your roof does, indeed, need to be replaced. We will never suggest a roof replacement while repairs or restoration are still a viable option. If, however, it is time to replace, there are two options to choose from:

1) Re-cover

This involves placing a new covering over the existing roof system. If your roof is structurally strong and able to hold the additional weight, and if the current roofing system is in relative good condition, re-covering is a good option. It is generally cheaper, too, requiring less labor and materials than the next option.

2) Tear off and replace

This option involves tearing off the current roof completely, including underlying layers such as insulation, and replacing it with a new roof system. If your current roof is significantly damaged, we at Schrock Commercial Roofing recommend starting over by tearing it off and replacing it completely.

The experts at Schrock Commercial Roofing are trained and experienced in re-covering and replacing commercial flat roofs. If you think your flat roof may need to be replaced, please call us at (406) 961-2990 for a professional evaluation and cost estimate.

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For more than 35 years, Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. has been inspecting, replacing, re-covering, constructing, and installing large flat roofs – metal, rubber, built-up, single-ply, and more – across Montana, Idaho, and Utah. We understand that your commercial roof is a significant investment and will treat it like our own.

We focus on offering the best in above-standard workmanship, superior products and materials, and quality customer care. To experience the Schrock Commercial Roofing difference, call (406) 961-2990 today.