Flat Roof Replacement in Livingston, MT

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At Schrock Roofing, we know a flat roof replacement is a major undertaking and a large investment. We do our best to make this process as pain free as possible for everyone involved so that you aren’t left stressing about it. When you hire Schrock for your flat roof replacement, we make sure to always be in communication with you so that you aren’t left wondering when your roof will be completed. We provide all our customers in the Livingston, MT area with free estimates so you can know what your cost will be before we even begin the project. When you are ready to have your commercial roof worked on by a team of professionals, reach out to us at (406) 961 – 2990.

Replace or Restore?

flat roof replacement livingtson montana

When you think your commercial roof is ready for a replacement, let our professional roofers assess your roof to make sure that it truly is time to replace it. In our many years in the industry, we have seen a lot of premature roof replacements and want to help you avoid that. While we know it doesn’t make sense to continue to plug money into a roof that won’t last, we will thoroughly inspect your roof to see if it could benefit from a roof coating. If a roof coating even gets you a few extra years, then you will be saving money by putting off a roof replacement. Restorative roof coatings are a great option for many commercial roofs that may seem like they’ve seen the end of the road but can in fact continue to protect your building. For a solid and honest second opinion, give us a call today. 

Ready to Start

Whatever commercial roofing project you’re in need of, the team at Schrock is ready to go. With a quick response, we will get your roof taken care of quickly and efficiently and will make sure it’s fit to last. If it is a flat roof replacement you are needing, or any other commercial roofing service, we’ve got you covered. If you are in Livingston, MT or the surrounding areas, let the team at Schrock take care of you and your roof, give us a call at (406) 961 – 2990.