Flat Roof Replacement in Wallace, ID

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With every passing day, flat roofs are greatly increasing in popularity in the Wallace, Idaho region. As a result, many building-owners choose flat roofs as their roof of choice over pitched (angled) roofs. However, not all these owners are aware of the proper kind of maintenance these roofs require. This is the reason why preventable damages often escalate into problems that require complete flat roof replacement.

From ponding, the accumulation of water on the surface of the roof for extended periods, to the build-up of moss and fungus, there are many problems to look out for. At Schrock Roofing, Inc., we provide solutions to take premium care of your roofs; before suggesting a flat roof replacement, our technicians ascertain that they have exhausted all other possibilities.

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Quality Service

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At Schrock, we make sure that we provide our customers nothing short of the best, be it the material employed or the labor work. Our talented technicians have over 35 years of experience in the construction business and provide the most feasible and economical solutions to our clients.

Being in operation for decades, we have developed a name for our quality service and valued customer relationships. Schrock Roofing, Inc. takes immense pride in providing individualized treatment to all its customers and backs its services with non-prorated guarantees. These warranties can measure the reliability that we, and our clientele, have in our services.

Moreover, our workers are trained to work efficiently and quickly on your roofs. This is to minimize, if not completely eradicate, any disruption to your lives.

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Most building owners have no experience in construction; they belong to a wide variety of occupations that do not equip them with the knowledge of roofs. This often translates into building-owners allowing amateurs with a lack of experience to work on their roofs. This not only aggravates the damages to your flat roofs but by the end of the service, the owner is left with a fat bill to pay.

We acknowledge this problem and provide free estimates to everyone. Upon request, our team of professionals visit the site and evaluate the current state. They provide you with the best yet most economical solutions that can cater to your problems. Knowing that complete replacement can be a heavy investment, they exhaust all other options before suggesting it. It ensures that you are caught up with how your roof will be treated, and how much it will cost.

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If you own a property within Wallace, Idaho and are facing roofing problems, then call us today at (406) 961-2990 or email us at info@schrockroof.com. We build flat roofs strong enough to endure almost anything and we’ll make sure your flat roof replacement is completed flawlessly. Schrock Roofing, Inc. is your trusted team of roofing professionals.