Also called living roofs, our green roofs solution provide your building with a surface to properly grow vegetation. There are many reasons that homeowners and building owners choose to utilize green roofing solutions. 

Our green roofs include:

  • Membrane
  • Waterproofing over membrane
  • Root barriers
  • Drainage systems
  • Irrigation options

Each green roofing system has its own benefits depending on the type of vegetation you are interested in growing; however they all have features to include that your structure will remain safe and undamaged.

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Green Roofs Benefits

There are many benefits that make green roofs a fantastic choice. The first is that it increases the R-value (the resistance of a material to heat flow). This will help reduce temperatures on the roof to take pressure off your HVAC system. The overall result is energy savings.

Additionally, green roofs help improve stormwater management, improve air quality, reduces urban heat island effect, insulates the building, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and can extend the life of your roofing membrane.

Green Roofs in Missoula, MT2

A Sustainable Solution

Green roofs are a great champion for the environment. As a sustainable solution, the vegetation installed on the roofing system converts CO2 into oxygen. This helps improve the health and climate of local environments while improving air quality.

But green roofs are more than that. They also provide sustainable benefits for the building itself. The insulation provided will reduce the need for exorbitant heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. A green roof will help your facility reduce its overall energy consumption.

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