Commercial Roofing Company in Idaho Falls

World-Class Commercial Roofing Services in Idaho Falls, ID

Hiring a commercial roofing company is a practical way to save time and money on your next installation. At Schrock Roofing, we are proud to serve customers like you in the Idaho Falls community. Our top-notch roofing business can restore your commercial roof with industry-proven techniques and high-quality products.


Idaho Falls Commercial Roofing Company Offers Roof Replacement and Repair Services

Choosing the right material for your commercial roofing needs can be confusing without help. Fortunately, you can explore several options when partnering with our general contractors. A project manager from our team will provide professional recommendations and help you plan your new roof design without stress.

Roof Materials We Use

Single-Ply Solution

Single-ply roofs are easy to install and can last you up to 40 years with the proper upkeep. Our roofing company can install a single-ply roofing system on your commercial property quickly.

Fluid-Applied Roofs

We have the commercial roofing expertise to pour and cure watertight liquid roof systems on your commercial building. These ice and blaze-resistant solutions can protect your property from dangerous outdoor elements during dry summers and cold winters.

High-Slope Pitched Roofs

Pitched roof systems are practical if you own a business with high-sloped architecture. We can install this new roof safely and customize it to optimize your property’s energy efficiency.

The Dependable Commercial Roofing Contractor in Idaho Falls

Our quality commercial roofing services help hundreds of customers in the Idaho Falls area get necessary repairs when needed. You too can enjoy a wide range of roofing solutions when you hire our team. Here are some of our most popular roofing services:

Mold Restoration

Our roofing company can eliminate mold and algae from your gutters, decking, and flashings — allowing you to enjoy a beautiful roof year-round. Investing in this type of roof repair will also help you deter pests and prevent unsightly discoloration.

Thermal Drone Inspections

We know how to use modern technology, like thermal imaging drones, to inspect your property for water leaks. Our roofing company will check for signs of damage that may require expensive repairs in the future and resolve them before they escalate.

Routine Roof Repair

Hire our roofing company for routine maintenance. This way, you can avoid clogged gutters, wood rot, or other roofing problems that could compromise your building’s structural integrity.

Roof Upgrades

We are proud to offer roof services that can help your property stand out amongst other Idaho Falls businesses. Our team can help you upgrade flashings, install chimney caps, and replace old shingles with vibrant metal or wood alternatives.


Our waterproofing solutions will ensure that your downspouts, underlay, and decking are free of standing water or leaks. As a reputable roofing company, we will take pictures to help you visualize problem areas. This way, you can better understand our roof repair recommendations.

Professional Commercial Roofing in Idaho Falls, ID

Commercial roof repairs for large properties can be dangerous. That is why it is essential to hire roofers with the training and expertise to handle your next project safely. At Schrock Roofing, we promise to deliver safe and reliable service, no matter your request.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Roofing Company in Idaho Falls, ID

Understanding why so many clients choose our roofing company for repairs can help encourage you to schedule a consultation today. Here is what you can expect from our professional contractors.

Hard Work

Unlike some cookie-cutter companies, we will respect you and your time during service. Our technicians will work hard and pay close attention to detail.

Industry-Proven Methods

Our roofing company will deploy effective installation techniques to ensure that you get the longest life out of your roof.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Every completed project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Accurate Quotes

We will offer estimates on your roof replacement or repair, so you know what to expect when budgeting.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance in Idaho Falls, ID, After a Natural Disaster

Hiring a quality emergency repair company is an excellent way to recover from storm damage. At Schrock Roofing, we can streamline your repairs with:

  • Fast and efficient roof replacements
  • Written assessments of the storm damage we discover
  • Upkeep advice to keep your replacement roof safe from further damage
  • Detailed inspections after storms to monitor your roof’s structural integrity

Hire Our Roofing Company in Idaho Falls for Great Customer Service

Not every roofing company in Idaho Falls can offer you the outstanding service and enthusiasm our team provides at Schrock Roofing. Why wait to hire a trustworthy contractor when we are just a phone call away? Our representatives will answer any questions you have about our roofing solutions.

Contact Schrock Roofing in Idaho Falls, ID. Schedule a consultation or make an inquiry at 406-961-2990.