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If you own a business or commercial building in Kalispell, chances are you spend a lot of time and money making sure it stays in top-notch condition – and that includes the roof. Fortunately, our expert commercial roofing contractors here at Schrock Roofing, Inc. have made it easier than ever to take care of your roof with our services for commercial roofing in Kalispell, MT.

We’re the #1 Commercial Roofing Contractor in Kalispell, MT

We have over 35 years of commercial roofing expertise, with an experienced team of professional roofers who work tirelessly to provide high-quality service and client satisfaction. From your initial contact with our roofing company until we’ve completed the job, you’ll have a project manager guiding you through the entire process. Our team can install, replace, repair, and restore all types of commercial roofs, and we also offer annual maintenance plans and inspections. Call us now to book your quote with the best roofing company in Kalispell and the surrounding cities in Montana.

We Install and Replace Commercial Roofing Systems in Kalispell, MT

If your business or commercial building in Kalispell needs a new roof or a total roof replacement, you can rely on Schrock Roofing to handle all your roofing needs. We work on low-slope, pitched, and flat roofing systems, with the know-how to handle virtually any roofing project for your commercial property.

Single-Ply Membranes

Our Kalispell roofing services include installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, and restoration for single-ply membrane roof systems. These systems are for low-slope and flat roofs, with installation options that include full adherence or mechanical attachment. Our professional roofers can install/replace/repair several types of single-ply membranes, including:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer)

Single-ply membranes are tough, flexible, durable, and do an amazing job at improving the insulation and energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

Pitched Roofing Systems

Many of our commercial clients in Kalispell need professional service from a roofing company that specializes in pitched roofing systems. Of course, you can count on the Schrock Roofing team to take care of all your pitched roofing needs. We’re a certified installer for Malarkey and GAF roofing shingles, which provide excellent wind resistance, a comprehensive warranty, and a custom look.

In addition, we also work with metal roofing systems, which feature interlocking panels and superior resistance to fire and heat. Many experts have highly recommended seamless metal systems, which are also virtually maintenance-free and leak-proof.

Fluid-Applied Coatings and Restoration Services

Dealing with roof issues? Our roofing company provides fluid-applied coatings and restoration services for Kalispell businesses and commercial properties. Fluid-applied coatings are an innovative, cost-effective solution to prevent paying for a new roof before it’s necessary. Here’s how it works: our roofing contractors spray a liquid membrane directly over your existing roof, creating a protective and waterproof barrier. These protective coatings can improve the quality and condition of your roof and can even extend its lifespan by up to 20 years!

Commercial Roof Inspections in Kalispell

If you’re not scheduling regular commercial inspections from a professional commercial roofing company, there’s a good chance your roof will need premature repairs or even a replacement. Commercial roofs are prone to damage from UV rays, heavy rain and snowfall, hail, wind, and more, all of which can shorten their useful life.

Unlike many general contractors in Kalispell, our roofing company offers both physical and aerial inspections. We have drones equipped with thermal imagery and infrared scanners, allowing us to inspect commercial buildings with limited roof access. Plus, regular inspections help you identify and fix any problems in a timely manner and create a detailed history for your insurance company and warranty provider.

Annual Maintenance Plans for Commercial Roofs in Kalispell

Our commercial roofing services also include annual maintenance plans for businesses near Kalispell, MT. With routine service and upkeep from our roofing company, you can maintain the quality of your commercial roof, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long term. For example, our service plans generally include:

  • Damage inspection
  • Debris removal
  • Drain cleaning
  • Membrane and seam inspection
  • Gutters, flashing, and HVAC unit assessment

Don’t wait – experts recommend scheduling preventative maintenance at least once every year or six months.

Commercial Roof Repair in Kalispell, MT

If you’ve noticed visible damage to your commercial roof, it’s essential to schedule repairs from an experienced roofing company as quickly as possible. At Schrock Roofing, we’re the top-rated contractor for commercial roof repair in Kalispell, with the resources and expertise to fix flat, low-slope, and pitched roof systems and a wide range of materials.

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When you need an experienced roofing contractor in Kalispell to provide quality commercial roofing services, the team at Schrock Roofing is just a phone call away.

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