Local Roofers in Florence, MT

Local Roofers Florence MT Montana 2As a client-focused company, Schrock Roofing values open communication. We’re proud of our standing in Florence, MT, and we work hard to maintain it. We aim to satisfy our customers’ roofing repair and installation needs to the fullest extent possible. For more information, give us a call at 406-961-2990. While hiring a local roofer is an important task, there are steps you can take to make the process go in a much smoother manner.

Key points

Local Roofers Florence MT Montana 1Only seasoned specialists such as us, who are well known for the quality of their work and customer services, should be trusted. State regulations require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case or workplace accidents or injuries. To keep our clients safe, we carry general liability insurance.

We work with a wild range of roof types; we install all kinds of roofs, including luxury residences’ specific designs, which make use of unusual roofing materials. In addition to asphalt shingle roofs, we can also repair and install tile, wood shake and metal roof shingles. The old roof must be removed before the new one can be installed, it’s critical to remove the old roofing materials and any underlayment materials very carefully before starting any new work. This makes it possible to evaluate the roof support structure and make needed repairs before the new roof is installed, for the new roof our local roofers used synthetic underlayment. This additional protection extends the roof’s usable life.

On-Site Inspections
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Tarps are gently removed, dirt is cleaned up, and any fallen nails are gathered up using a magnet at the end of the project. The holding power of staples is insufficient for attaching roofing shingles. For example, employing staples instead of nails can lead to future leaks in the roof. Hence, only high-quality roofing nails are used by our local roofers. A high-quality roof is an investment. You’ll want to make certain to select a manufacturer with a solid reputation for producing high-quality products. To avoid subcontracting roofing repair or installation work, we handle all of our own personnel. Additionally, a supervisor is assigned to each project to ensure that the client’s requirements are met. Florence, MT-based Schrock Roofing offers comprehensive roofing services. For more information, give us a call at 406-961-2990.