Professional Pitched and Low Sloped Roofing Services in Missoula, MT

roofing servicesA pitched roof is a roof that features a peak, sometimes called a sloping surface. This type of roof extends past 10 degrees. Pitched roofs are common on houses in the Missoula, MT area as well as across the country. Despite the frequent use of pitched roofs, they often get installed poorly by roofers who rush their roofing jobs. This leads to the following pitched roof problems:

  • Poor installation
  • Water penetration
  • Cracks
  • And more

Low-sloped roofs come with another set of issues. First, a low-sloped roof is defined by strictly designed horizontals and vertices. For each horizontal foot, the roof level rises less than 3 inches. This creates a slope that falls under 3-in-12. 

The flatness of this roof can lead to water collection. This, of course, can mean that the collected water will wind up anywhere on your property, including the foundation of your house. The roofers should choose lightweight, non-porous tiles when installing this type of roof.

The key to finding the right roofing repair service for either of these common roof styles means knowing what you need for each roof. Schrock Roofing Inc understands the roofing repair services for all roofs as well as the materials needed for each roofing style. 

We Work with Quality Roofing Materials

No matter the style of roof you live under, we understand that all roofs demand excellent craftsmanship. Our roofing technicians train to obtain and then practice the industry standard of knowledge. They know how to work with cedar shakes, metal, shingles, and tiles. 

We understand that despite the differences between each roof style, all roofs have crossover issues like drainage problems. All roofs need to be carefully monitored for these problems. We have two solutions for monitoring your roof and keeping it in good shape.

We provide free inspections. We also offer service plans. You should take advantage of both of these services for the following reasons.

Free Inspection and A Variety of Service Plans

We offer a free inspection to our clients. We also provide different service plans that allow you to maintain the condition of your roof through different service plans. This is essential to catching problems early, but it is also essential to saving you money and time when problems become so big that they cost a lot of money and time. 

Additionally, these documents can serve as a record of your insurance claims and more. It is a great idea to keep track of the work you do on your roof, which can help you if you need to file claims or want to put your house up for sale. 

Even better, our inspections can be fine-tuned with drone thermal imaging roof inspection, which allows us to catch the most minuscule of issues while they remain so hard to see. This is a great service because vigilance is the key to keeping home repair costs minimal.

This is why you should contact us today: When it comes to your roofing needs, we know what we are doing, and we will make sure you know what we are doing, too.

Contact Schrock for Your Missoula, MT Roofing Needs

Schrock Roofing is ready to help you with your pitched or low-sloped roofing projects. We can also provide other vital services, such as performing regular inspections. If you need roofing services in Missoula, MT, contact Schrock Roofing. Feel free to visit our website at or call us at 406-961-2990 for more information.