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Metal roofs are an extremely popular option on commercial buildings for a reason. They are light, easy to install, and economical. But there are also negative side-effects that come along with metal roofs. In addition to their benefits, they also tend to rust, conduct heat, and come apart at the seams. With Schrock Roofing, Inc.’s metal roof coating process and materials, we can easily solve all of those problems – not just for the immediate future, but for years to come.

How are we able to do this? Through exceptional workmanship from a fully-trained, experienced team and with the use of industry-leading products from Conklin®.

Common Issues with Metal Roofs The Metal Roof Coating Solution
With time, metal will always rust. The metal roof coating systems we offer are designed with strong anti-rust properties.
The seams and edges tend to deteriorate faster than other areas, causing frequent leaks. Our coatings are seamless, with elastic-like qualities. The monolithic finish will expand and contract with temperature changes.
Metal is a strong conductor of heat, creating hot buildings in the summer months. Our coatings reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays. This results in a potential A/C savings of 30% every year.
Visually, old metal roofs are not very appealing. Your building’s roof will not only function like it is brand new, it will look brand new as well.

The Conklin® Effect on Metal Roof Coatings

Metal Roof Restoration MT
metal roof experts MT

Conklin® has been an industry-leader since 1977. With their forward-thinking product line, constant innovation, and proven track record, we feel proud to use their products every day. Many of the Conklin® products that were first installed in the 1970s are still going strong today. This durability is reflected in their roof coating application as well. While many competing coating products need to be replaced every 10-12 years, the Conklin® products we use have been proven to last 20 years or more. Here are just a few of the other reasons Conklin® is the product manufacturer we trust:

  • Their products have been applied to over 2 billion square feet of roofs all across America.
  • They offer up to 18 years of non-prorated warranty coverage.
  • This optional, non-prorated warranty covers 100% of labor and material.
  • Their metal roof coating products are ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • The product is quick and easy to apply.
  • This means our team can be in and out without requiring you to disrupt your business.

Simply put, Conklin® products are engineered to last. Their specialized design not only fixes current roof issues, but prevents futures ones as well. The seamless membrane that rests atop of your building will provide strength and fortification for the whole building. The white finish reflects heat and saves you money for years to come. On top of all this, perhaps the biggest advantage to metal roof coatings is they allow you to avoid a full roof replacement.

Restore, Don’t Replace Your Metal Roof

Metal Roof Restore MT

Roof replacement is expensive and time-consuming. On top of this, it is often unnecessary. Schrock Roofing, Inc. is committed to helping building owners avoid premature roof replacement expenses. After a combination of disposal and landfill fees, extensive labor costs, pricey materials, and the loss of income from shutting down your business while the roof is being replaced, a roof replacement is very expense. In fact, we have seen that a roof restoration can cost 50% less than an entire roof replacement job.

A restored roof with superior Conklin® products will look and operate like a brand-new roof. You will save money in two keys ways in the short term. This includes keeping your business operating as normal and not paying for a new roof, and saving money in the long-run with the increased energy efficiency. With the annual savings from cooling costs, your new, energy-efficient metal roof can pay for itself in less than 7 years.

We understand roofing is a serious investment. That is why we want to help you make the best possible choice; for the short term and for the long haul. A metal roof restoration offers great economic and protection benefits. And your metal roof maintenance and repair costs are likely to be lower in the future, as well!

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