Re-Roof in Corvallis, MT

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If you’re ready to take the step to determine if your Corvallis, MT home needs a re-roof, we’re here to help. Our professional team at Schrock Roofing will help you determine if a re-roof is necessary, or if you can get more life out of your roof with trustworthy repairs. To get started, give our office a call at 406-961-2990.

Reasons You May Need a New Roof

There are many reasons that your roof might need to be replaced. A few of the most common reasons for that are:

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  • Storm Damage – This is the most common time that homeowners replace their roofing systems. If a storm blew through town, it could have caused your shingles to be torn away, or damage to your flashing and drip edge. Substantial damage takes more than just repairs, so a re-roof would be necessary.
  • Impact Damage – If you’ve had a large tree or limb fall on top of your roof, you likely need a re-roof. First, we would inspect to make sure that the rafters and joists are still supporting your roof properly. If not, those would need to be replaced as well.
  • Wind Uplift – This goes back to storm damage, but with high winds. Certain storm can cause a roof to lift off the sheathing. A re-roof would require new underlayment to ensure that you are once again watertight.
  • Old Age – With an aging roof, you might see signs of UV damage, granule loss, and even leaking spots. It’s best once your roof becomes too aged to repair to get it replaced quickly.

What To Expect During Your Re-Roof

When you work with the team at Schrock Roofing, we’ll work quickly and efficiently. Your existing roof will be removed and deposited into a dumpster to be hauled away. Once your roof is down to the sheathing, we will then replace any necessary sections (due to rot or other issues), then begin to install your new roof. This begins by applying the underlayment, then any ice and water shield required. This is followed by your shingles being installed.

This process is quite fast with our properly trained crew. We want to ensure your home is disrupted as little as possible. Once we’re done, you’ll have a new roof that is water-tight to protect you.

If you’re in need of a re-roof for your Corvallis, MT property, please don’t hesitate to call us at 406-961-2990.