As a full-service company, Schrock Roofing performs a full range of roof inspection and maintenance options – in addition to an array of other services. Just like other vital assets, your roof requires regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it performs at its best.

With our inspection plans, you will have a detailed history for insurance claims – if needed, an up-to-date evaluation of the roofs condition, confirmed documentation to keep your warranty intact, identify damage and/or problem spots in their early stages, keep roofing expenses lower, and more!

Schrock Roofing offers inspection services for residential and commercial clients. Call (406) 961- 2990 to inquire more.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspection

Annual inspections are the most effective way to understand the maintenance requirements of your roof system. Regular maintenance allows property owners to address minor issues before they become costly problems. Roofs that are regularly maintained often exceed their life expectancy.

Our inspection and maintenance plans provide our clients with detailed inspection reports and necessary regular maintenance that maximizes their investment and saves them money long-term.

Residential Inspection

Residential Inspection

Keeping your family and your possessions protected is the main job of your roof. However, most homeowners don’t know about roofing issues until they become a costly headache. Our goal is to help keep your repair costs down while extending the life of your existing roof.

With regular inspections and maintenance, you can rest assured that your roof has been regularly evaluated by a professional. Every shingle, cap, ridge, drip edge, gutter, and more will be examined to check for signs of movement or water infiltration.

Thermal Imaging

Drone Inspection with Thermal Imaging

Typically most roof inspections are done by observing the roof physically, however at Schrock Roofing we go a step beyond. With our drone inspections, we provide property owners with aerial thermal imaging.

You can expect high-quality photos and videos of your property, in addition to an infrared scan that detects water infiltration! No more “guess and checks” when it comes to leak detection. You will know exactly where water is coming from, and the direction it is moving.

Annual Service Plans

Annual Service Plans

You might be wondering why you need a service plan when you have a warranty. You might also be shocked to find out most warranties require service in order to stay valid.

Schrock Roofing provides our clients with annual service plan options that not only help keep their warranty from becoming void, but to also help our customers get the most bang for their buck. Keeping on top of regular roof maintenance can ensure your roof is in good condition for its anticipated lifespan.

Example Annual Service Plan

  1. Inspect the entire roof area for damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or from human activity.
  2. Remove all debris that may have accumulated on the roof surface to ensure it does not restrict drainage or cause roof membrane damage. (This may include power washing the roof)
  3. Inspect and clean all roof drains, overflow drains, grates, and scupper drains and gutters to ensure a free flow of rainwater and snow melt.
  4. Inspect all membrane welds or field seams, roof curbs and roof penetrations. Verify no voids have developed.
  5. Inspect all sheet metal flashings and counter flashings at copings, gutters, collector boxes, and downspouts to verify they are firmly attached and sealed.
  6. Inspect and verify roof access scuttle, ladder, and locking mechanism are operational and all flashings are in place and secure.
  7. Verify all HVAC unit access doors and covers are installed and secured.
  8. Inform owners of any potential problems beyond the scope of minor maintenance. This will include pictures and a written report.

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