Roof Coating in Anaconda, MT

Schrock Commercial Roofing helps clients in Anaconda, MT get more years out of their roofs. We have a number of roof restoration techniques that will improve the condition of your roof. Our team are experts at roof coating installation. To get a free estimate on a roof coating, call us today at 406-961-2990.

Why Restore Your Roof?


The fact of the matter is that most commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. You lose money and waste a significant amount of time and materials the second a roof is torn off before it needs to be. Use a roof coating to extend the life of your existing roof and make the most out of the materials that you’ve already paid to have installed.

Restoring your roof is significantly cheaper than replacing it. Plus, a roof coating is a relatively quick and simple process. Schrock Commercial Roofing installs both silicone and acrylic roof coatings. These materials work well in all types of weather.  As time goes on you can simply call us to have your roof coated again.

About Roof Coatings Services


A roof coating is very lightweight which makes it risk-free to apply to a roof because it won’t add an excess amount of weight. This thin layer provides your roof with seamless protection. It’s a great option for a roof with a membrane that has started to deteriorate with age and a cost-effective solution that will help you greatly extend the life of your roof.

A More Energy-Efficient Building

Having a new roof coating installed on your roof is also one of the best ways to improve the energy-efficiency of your building. These silicone and acrylic coatings are extremely reflective. This protects your roof and building from the heat of the sun and has the potential of lowering your energy costs by over 30%. The amount that this winds up saving you in the long run makes a roof coating even more worth it.

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To learn more about restoring your roof, call Schrock Commercial Roofing at 406-961-2990. We offer roof coatings at great prices to clients in Anaconda, MT. Our goal is to help you save both time and money on your roof!