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Building owners dread getting the news that their commercial roof needs to be replaced—and considering the costs and disruption associated with the roof tear-off and replacement process, it’s no wonder. But did you know a roof coating system can add years to the life of your existing roof at a fraction of the cost?

If your commercial or industrial building is located in the Billings, MT, area, Schrock Commercial Roofing can fix all of your roof’s problems with one solution: a high-quality roof coating system. Give us a call today, (406) 961-2990, to find out if your roof is a good candidate for a roof coating.

Roof Coating Benefits

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when you opt for a roof coating system. The cost savings are abundant, both during the process (a coating is much less costly than roof replacement and doesn’t require an expensive roof tear-off) and after it is done (a roof coating system can help you save significantly on heating and cooling costs).

Other roof coating benefits include:


  • ENERGY STAR® certified roofing solution
  • Minimally disruptive process
  • Little or no tear-off and disposal costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Can withstand hurricane-force winds, hail, fire, solar radiation and more
  • Reflects harmful UV rays
  • Can enhance flame spread resistance
  • Addresses roof leaks and other issues
  • Extends the life of an existing roof by years
  • Coating can expand and contract with changing temperatures without sustaining damage
  • Forms a seamless, watertight membrane over top of an existing roof
  • Can be re-coated later on for even greater life extension
  • And more!

The majority of commercial roof substrates are good candidates for roof coatings. Call Schrock Commercial Roofing today to find out if yours is one of them!

The Schrock Difference

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Schrock Commercial Roofing brings more than 35 years of construction expertise to each and every jobsite, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional workmanship and customer service. Our team will deliver high-quality work in all they do and ensure that you, the customer, are fully satisfied.

Give us a call today (406) 961-2990 to learn more about roof coatings and to schedule an in-person assessment. One of our expert roofing technicians will visit your building, thoroughly inspect your roof, assess its condition and determine whether a roof coating system is a good option.