Roof Coating in Livingston, MT

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Roof restoration options are often unheard of to property owners and company managers. This can lead to wasted time, more expensive repairs, early replacements, and wasted money. A roof coating can fix a failing roof. The team at Schrock Roofing is a crew that you trust with applying a coating or any of our other services that we offer. Contact us today at (407)-961-2990 and see what a roof coating will cost.

Replace or Restore?

If you think a replacement is in the future for your commercial roof you should first see if your roof qualifies for a coating. Our crew will inspect your roof for no cost at all and will give you an honest report on what we think is good for your roof. A roof restoration won’t only save you money, and also your time. If our crew believes that a restoration isn’t the best option we will replace your roof at a low price.

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However, if your roof stats having leaks more, generally a coating will get the job done and help stop leaks from popping up. Comparing the cost of replacing your roof against simply restoring your roof. You can see how much you would be saving when doing a roof coating. Getting an extra 10 years from your roof from a roof coating isn’t uncommon.

The benefits don’t stop there. Beside from being cheaper than a replacement, coatings have faster service than replacements. Coatings are also a lot less troublesome to your business than replacing your roof. You would being saving more materials when you get a roof coating. When you tear off your old roof and get another installed, time will begin to show on your newest roof. The longer your existing roof can stay in good shape you will be better off.

Contact us Today

When installed at a good time, a roof coating can save you and your roof from a lot of problems. At Schrock Roofing our team is happy to restore whatever type of roof you have in Livingston, MT and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (407)-961-2990 to schedule a time we can come and evaluate your roof.