Roof Inspection in Billings, MT

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Roof inspections are an important part of keeping your commercial or industrial roof in prime working condition. If your building is located in the Billings, MT, area, Schrock Commercial Roofing is here to provide expert roof inspection and other commercial roofing services.

We are a full-service roofing company attending to all commercial roof types. For inspection services and other expert roof work, give Schrock Commercial Roofing a call today at (406) 961-2990.

Importance of Inspections

Regular roof inspections are not only a wise choice for keeping your roof functioning well and free of problems, but most roof warranties mandate them. Whether your roof warranty requires inspections or not, they are an important part of keeping a roof in good repair.

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The various benefits of regular roof inspections include:

  • Detailed documentation of your roof’s history, which is extremely helpful when you need to file an insurance claim
  • Confirmed documentation to keep your roof warranty valid
  • Updated evaluation of your roof’s condition
  • Helps in identifying roof problems at the beginning stages
  • Lowered repair expenses
  • Helps stabilize roof general insurance liability costs

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are so crucial for keeping your roof in good condition. Schrock Commercial Roofing can custom-tailor an inspection and maintenance plan to meet the needs of your specific roof and help ensure it fulfills its intended life expectancy.

Inspection Process

When you call upon Schrock to inspect your commercial roof, the process will go something like this:

On-Site Inspections
(406) 961-2990
  • We will closely examine the condition of your roofing materials
  • We will comprehensively look over your roof’s caps, ridges and drip edges
  • We will carefully evaluate all water draining equipment
  • We will provide an in-depth assessment regarding any signs of movement
  • We will thoroughly inspect specific features, like roof flashings

Your roof should be inspected at least twice a year—ideally once in spring and again in the fall. Additionally, your roof ought to be inspected after any activity that could potentially damage it, such as a hailstorm or other significant weather event.

Experience the Schrock Difference

During our many years of service, the Schrock Commercial Roofing team has amassed a long line of satisfied customers. Are you ready to be numbered among them?

Give us a call today, (406) 961-2990, to schedule a roof inspection or to set up a customized inspection and maintenance plan. Experience the exceptional Schrock difference for yourself and see why we remain a leading contractor in Billings, MT!