Roof Inspection in Havre, MT

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A wisely coordinated roof inspection and maintenance package can make a huge difference in the length of your roof. If you ignore your roof for too long you can easily exceed the amount of money your company left for roofing issues. With regular inspections, small issues with your roof can be spotted before they become a bigger problem. If you continue to ignore for too long, you couldn’t only have an early roof disaster, but the structure of your building is at risk.

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Schedules For Inspections

roof inspection havre montana

Inspections associated with weather- Our team full of experts at Schrock Roofing are here to help 24/7. Has a storm hit your area and you are wondering if your roof is damaged? Maybe a tree limb struck your roof and you would like to know if your roof is still performing correctly. Some of the signs that your roof is damaged aren’t as obvious as others, so we always suggest that you have a trusted roofing contractor inspect your roof after a big storm hits. That company you can trust can be Schrock Commercial Roofing, because with our 35+ years of experience we will make sure that you know what the true status of your roof is. If you would like us to check your roof after a major storm hits, contact us today at 406-961-2990.

Semiannual Roof Inspections- The commercial roofing industry standards recommend that your roof gets inspected at least twice a year. These inspections should be in the spring and then again in the fall. These times are most beneficial for your company because they shadow the extreme weather seasons. Did the weight of the snow in the winter cause any damage to your roof? Did any of the summers harsh temperatures cause any cracks or blisters in your roof? If you don’t have a good inspection schedule, you might not know.

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