Roof Installation in Lolo, MT

Roof Installation Lolo MT Montana 2While it is essential to be certain you find a roofer that you can fully trust to take care of your roofing needs, it is absolutely critical to the long-term success of your home’s roof to select an expert team for the installation of your roof. If any mistakes are made in the process of installing your roof, you are looking at long-term issues.

At Schrock Roofing, every one of our roofers is an expert. They are highly trained in every aspect of residential roofing. When we work on your roof, no matter the difficulty or the size of your home, we will have everything taken care of punctually and appropriately. Your roof was made for strength, and our craftsmen will make sure your roof has a long life. Live in the Lolo, MT area? Put your roof and your faith in our hands. Call us today at 406-961-2990.


Roof Installation Lolo MT Montana 1The team at Schrock Roofing is pleased to deliver high quality choices in selecting your home’s new roof to keep you and your home safe for years to come.

Typically, there are four nails per shingle, but our craftsmen are trained to do six per shingle to help against the intense winds we get here in Montana. Keeping your roof intact against winds up to 130 mph helps you hold on to your money in two ways.

One way is that you have to replace them less often. The second one is that most insurance companies lower your premiums for upgrading your roofing system.

We offer shingle or metal roofing options. If you have concerns or questions about which would work best in your home, our qualified experts will listen to your needs and preferences in order to help you find the perfect fit, both now and in the future.

Once your system is determined, our skilled craftsmen will get the process under way, finishing things with finesse and quickness to ensure your roof is in place for the coming seasons.

Our Dedication to Your Roofing Needs

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We aim to educate our customers in Lolo, MT about every aspect of their roofing needs, from installation to maintenance and repairs. Every step of the way, we will provide you with the details of what we are doing, so that you are included, knowledgeable, and thoroughly satisfied with the end product. We pride ourselves on maintaining up-to-date information on new products that come out, so you have all of your roofing needs covered.

We value our customers here at Schrock Roofing, and we want to include you in our roofing family. If you would like more information on our roof installation services, feel free to call us at 406-961-2990.