Rubber Roof Repair in Belgrade, MT

Rubber Roof Repair Belgrade MT Montana 1When it comes to flat roofs, rubber is one of the most popular options for good reason. If your building’s rubber roof has seen better days and is leaking, we can help. Here on the blog, we’ll go over the steps necessary to fix a rubber roof, as well as highlight our rubber roof repair service. You can rely on Schrock Roofing if you are based in Belgrade, Montana. Call us at 406-961-2990 right now.

EPDM Rubber Roofing: How Do We Repair It?

Minor roof leaks can be fixed with a few patches, but larger problems require more permanent solutions. We restore rubber roofing on large buildings by addressing the most prevalent causes of leaks and failure in EPDM membranes. To put it another way, we strengthen the roof by reinforcing its weak places. The seams, the fasteners, and the membrane are the three vulnerable spots of any commercial rubber roof.

The rubber roof can be repaired by reinforcing the following areas:

Rubber Roof Repair Belgrade MT Montana 2Since EPDM rubber roofs come rolled out on separate sheets, there will be gaps between the rolls that need to be sealed. Seams are one of the most vulnerable places for a rubber roof and are where water may easily seep in. The seams in your roof will be sealed with our waterproof roof coating after we apply a strip of fabric to each one as part of our roof repair process. This turns the roof’s previous weak spot into one of its major advantages.

Fasteners should be reinforced since the metal screws used to attach the rubber surface can break. When these metal fasteners rust and decay, they leave another opening through which water might seep in. Our comprehensive rubber roof repair procedure re-seals all fasteners using caulk to make them weatherproof. The seams and fasteners may be more likely to fail than the surface membrane itself, although it can still be harmed. We can fix the rubber membrane if it has been punctured or if it has ripped from the sun’s heat and cold. We achieve this by applying a waterproof coating across the entire surface. This coating’s ability to reflect light means it can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling the structure. If you have a rubber roof and need to repair it, maybe this overview helped. Please contact us for a free assessment and estimate if you’re interested in learning more about how much it would cost to have us restore yours.

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You can rely on Schrock Roofing if you are based in Belgrade, Montana. Call us at 406-961-2990 right now.