Rubber Roof Repair in Billings, MT

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Have you started to notice signs of damage on your commercial or industrial rubber roof?  If so, you may be requiring the specialized skills of a local licensed and experienced commercial roofing contractor like Schrock Commercial Roofing.  We proudly serve the Billings, Montana area and are happy to provide free, no-obligation roof inspections.  If you’re ready to request an inspection, call our office at 406-961-2990.  One of our friendly service technicians will be happy to assist you.

Common Commercial Roofing Troubles

Rubber roofs are an increasingly popular roof choice for building owners, however like all other roofs, they can be harmed by the following:
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    • Leaks – Rubber roofs are susceptible to leaks over time, just like all other roofing substrates. Your roof has a problem if it has a leak.  It is best to address it immediately before the leak can spread and cause further damage.  Call Schrock Commercial Roofing at the first sign of water, we’ll know what to do!
    • Punctures or tears – There are numerous things that can cause punctures and tears to your rubber roof including storm damage, foot traffic, over hanging limbs and more. These punctures allow water to infiltrate your roof system which can lead to larger issues.
    • Ponding water – Ponding (or pooling) water on your roof is not something to ignore. It adds a significant amount of weight to your roofing system, and depending on your structure, it might not be able to handle the additional weight.  Ponding water can also deteriorate your roof membrane which can lead to the need for a premature replacement.  This should be addressed immediately.
On-Site Inspections
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  • Lack of maintenance -The best way to protect your expensive roofing investment is to ensure it is covered by a preventative maintenance program. If you spend a little bit of money now, you can save a lot in the long run.  Having maintenance and repairs provided on a regular basis will ensure your roof will last the long haul.

When you work with Schrock Commercial Roofing you can rest assure that your roof will be treated with tried, tested and true rubber roof repair solutions.  For clients in and around Billings, Montana, call our office today at 406-961-2990 to learn more.