Rubber Roof Repair in Havre, MT

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Just like any other kind of commercial roofing material, ethylene propylene diene monomer roofs (also named EPDM or rubber roofs) need regular maintenance and repairs.

Rubber roofs are very popular for flat or low-sloped roofs, because of the cost-effectiveness, effortlessness of installing, and durability. A correctly installed and maintained rubber roof could last you as long as 50 years.  It is no wonder that they are so popular for commercial facilities.

At Schrock Roofing, we have finalized many rubber roof repairs- from small and trouble-free to big and complicated. If your rubber roof needs an inspection or repair in the Havre, Montana area, call us today at (406)-961-2990 for a no-obligation roof assessment.

Frequent Reasons for a Rubber Roof Repair

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Many problems that come with rubber roofs are from the result of a poor installation or age. Holes or bubbles are a good indicator that your rubber roof needs instant attention and repair, while the existence of a leak should result in a call to your roofing contractor instantaneously. Some of the most frequent rubber roof repairs are listed here:


Rubber roofs are strong; however tears can penetrate in the membrane if an enormous and strong object (such as a tree branch) plunges on your roof or is pulled across your roof. If the tear is small, then a patch would be useful enough, however anything larger than a couple inches would require a portion of the EPDM membrane to repair the tear. An expert roofer can cut, adhere, and close up a rubber roof tear fast and permanently.


The seams of your rubber roof are frail places, prone to leaks over time. Seams can be mechanically put in using screws, nails, or they could be anchored with adhesive. Either way, they can open up and require a trained technician to repair the leak. Repairs for this usually contain an application of primer, seam tape, and sealant.

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