Shingle Repair in Florence, MT

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Any damage or symptoms of deterioration require prompt attention to prevent water from seeping through the shingles and damaging the wood sheathing beneath aggravating your roofing issues. No matter how small it may seem at the beginning, ignoring a problem may hasten the need to re-roof and can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a new roof. Do it correctly the first time, and you won’t have to worry about times to come. If you work with the professional roofers of Schrock Roofing, then you don’t need to worry about your roof repair or any of its maintenance in Florence, MT. Give us a call at (406)- 961 – 2990 for free estimates on your roof and let our experts help you out!

Following is the step by step guide to the shingle repair process:

Shingle Repair Florence MT Montana 2
  • Evaluating the condition of your roof: it is essential to start by analyzing and assessing the amount of damage done to your residential roof. A roof inspection is dangerous for someone not trained to do so and necessitates extra safety measures that only expert roofers can undertake.
  • Complete Roof vs. Section: Depending on your roof’s final evaluation report, it is time to decide how much roof has to be repaired. If a few shingles have been damaged, it is easy to replace them, but if all or many shingles have been destroyed, it may require a complete roof replacement to get your roof back to its original working condition.
  • Removing Shingles: Removing shingles is a pretty straightforward process that consists primarily of removing nails and sliding them out, but it is critical to do it in temperate weather because if it is too hot, they will stick to the roof, and may end up shattering the undamaged shingles that are being worked around.
  • Inspecting the Railing: Once all the damaged shingles have been removed, then the next best step is to check the deck for damages. If disfigured, it is better to remove all the shingles above it and replace the deck. This will help you in saving time and money in the long run because you will not keep running into frequent roofing issues.
  • Installing new shingles: Don’t forget to add waterproof sheets before installing new shingles. When installing the shingles, the back corners should be rounded off to make it simpler to slide them in. If not done the right way, it can become heavy on your pockets.
  • Cleaning up: It is vital to clean up the mess when you replace the shingles, especially the stray nails, as they can harm those who use the roof.
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So that wraps up the roof repair process that your roofing company undertakes to restore your roof into its original working condition and make it as good as new. So If you are looking for a roofing company that can provide you with all the above services in one package, contact Schrock Roofing in Florence, MT. Don’t hesitate to call us at (406) – 961 – 2990. We are just a message away to take care of all your roofing problems so you don’t have to worry about a thing!