Storm Damaged Roof in Lolo, MT

Storm Damaged Roof Lolo MT Montana 2For a homeowner, nothing is worse than worrying about roof repairs after a severe storm. Your roof is the most expensive part of your house, and with good reason: it keeps out the elements and helps keep your home warm and dry throughout the year.

After discovering roof damage, you should get in touch with a qualified crew that specializes in storm damage restoration. You can rely on Schrock Roofing if you are based in Lolo, Montana. Call us at 406-961-2990 right now. The longer you wait to take action, the more severe the consequences may become. However, why do storms typically result in roof damage and how can they be prevented?

Why do storms damage roofs?

Wind, water, hail, and debris are the four most common causes of roof damage during storms.

Broken by the Wind

Gale-force or hurricane-force winds are common during thunderstorms and can do significant damage to your roof’s shingles. Shingles can be torn off by such a wind, or they can simply be lifted and curled, allowing the underlayment to show through. The underlayment is the first line of defense against water damage to your roof, and if it becomes exposed, you run the risk of water seeping in under the shingles.

Damage Caused by Water

Storm Damaged Roof Lolo MT Montana 1After the storm passes, there are still a couple of ways that heavy rain can lead to water gathering and damage. First, if your roof has poor drainage or weak sections from the past, the excessive rain will pool and eventually cause sunken areas or seep through the damaged shingles. Also, if your gutters are clogged, rainwater will not be able to drain away from your roof properly and will pool there, eventually finding its way into the roof’s crevices.

Damage Caused by Hail

Large enough hail to cause roof damage is rare, although it does occur. It just takes a combination of small hail and strong gale winds to dent your shingles and peel off their protecting granules, therefore it’s important to make sure your roof is well-protected. Hail can also damage your shingles by cracking and peeling off the edges.

Debris-Related Damage

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Branches and other yard debris can break off during a storm and find their way onto your roof. Your roof could suffer severe damage if a tree or large branch were to fall from an overhanging tree. Smaller pieces of rubbish like twigs and branches that fly through the air and land on your roof can be just as damaging. Consider the possibility of a severe windstorm that carries along huge branches that are destined for your home’s roof.

You can rely on Schrock Roofing if you are based in Lolo, Montana. Call us at 406-961-2990 right now.