Commercial Roof Maintenance

As a full-service roofing company in Montana and Idaho, Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with every roofing service they need. We understand the serious investment a business makes in its roof, which is why we offer commercial roof maintenance services. These include roof maintenance programs with regular check-ups. No matter what the size of your roof is, our expert and friendly staff can help you figure out the best maintenance program for your specific needs. Whether your roof needs one or more “check-up appointments” per year, we can customize all of our maintenance services for you.

The importance of commercial roof maintenance cannot be overstated. Industry studies have shown that roofs without regular maintenance will only last for half of their expected service life. To get the most value out of your roofing investment, problems should be prevented before they happen.

The Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. Difference
  • 30+ years of construction expertise
  • Strong company reputation
  • Quality workmanship
  • Individualized treatment
  • Non-prorated guarantees

But building owners juggle so many responsibilities. A roof without leaks or other problems is often the last thing on their minds. However, when a roof does have problems, those repairs, or worse, a full roof replacement, will cost a fortune. These expenses could be greatly reduced if a roof had routine inspections and maintenance. Then roof problems would be found at earlier stages, the effects of roof damage mitigated, and roofing work less expensive.

To discuss your commercial roof maintenance options with one of our team members, give us a call at (406) 961-2990.

Preventative Roof Services

The expert roofers at Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. perform a number of preventative measures during all roof maintenance appointments:

  • We painstakingly examine every square foot of your roof for damage or debris.
  • We remove all debris on your roof.
  • We ensure all of your rooftop units are well-secured.
  • We test the functionality of every rooftop component.
  • We identify any areas of your roof that show signs of movement.
  • We closely inspect rivets, bolts, or anything that may have become loose.
Ask about our roof maintenance programs for building portfolios!

These steps will not only address the issues your roof currently faces, but also prevent future issues. In other words, small maintenance efforts today make sure major problems do not happen tomorrow. Additionally, our team is always open to discussing exactly what services we are providing during our maintenance checks. Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. is built on honesty and integrity.

Top-Rated Roofing Materials for Montana

If a problem with your roof is spotted during the course of an inspection, you can rest assured knowing that Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. uses the great roofing products made by Conklin®. With their ENERGY STAR® certified, durable roofing products, Conklin® has been an industry-leader since 1977. That long-standing reputation has been put to the test with over 2 billion square feet of their roofing products applied all across America.

It is their commitment to excellence that led us to choose them for our roofing supplies. These high-performance, energy-efficient roof products can be backed with optional, transferable, non-prorated warranties covering 100% of labor and material expenses.

Montana Roof Maintenance Programs a Call Away

Our team of roofing professionals have years of experience and knowledge from roofing field work. They have seen a wide berth of commercial roofing problems and know how to handle them. It is with this capable expertise that we will carefully maintain your roofing investment against inclement Montana and Idaho weather conditions and other damage-inducing hazards.

At Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc., we see our role as making sure our customers know all the options available to them and doing everything we can to protect their investments. To do that, we go beyond the usual roofing services provided by other companies. Our commitment to you is reflected in the quality of our work and service. Did you know that the leading cause of roof leaks is not product failure, but poor workmanship? With Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc., you will never have to worry about this. Our work is done right the first time around by experienced professionals.

To find a maintenance program that is right for you, give us a call today at (406) 961-2990!