Flat Roof Repair

With 35+ years of construction expertise, Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. is dedicated to the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction. We specialize in a complete line of industrial and commercial roofing services, including efficient, professional flat roof repair.

Flat roof systems are a popular choice for industrial and commercial buildings because of their many architectural advantages. But they are particularly vulnerable to roof leaks. They do not have to be a pressing concern any longer, though. Our team can address any degree of repair needs you have now and mitigate roof damage in the future.

Ask About Our Non-Prorated Full Coverage Warranties

Give us a call today at (406) 961-2990, and we can perform an on-site roof inspection. You could have your leaky flat roof upgraded to a trouble-free, energy-efficient asset. It could even pay for itself in less than 7 years with energy savings!

Commercial Flat Roof Contractors in Montana

Here is how we take care of current and future roof problems. We use Conklin® roofing products, a building materials brand with a nationwide reputation of excellence since 1977. Conklin® liquid-applied roofing supplies address the specific problems which flat roofs have in several ways:

  • Forms a seamless, leak-resistant membrane over existing flat roof
  • Overcomes architectural design flaws of flat roof systems
  • Holds up against hurricane-force winds, hail, and decay by the sun’s rays
  • Reduces future repair needs with strong resistance against weathering
  • No exposed areas for water to seep into roof structure
  • Rejuvenates old flat roof’s performance
  • Restored flat roof looks and performs like it is brand new
  • Adds years to an old flat roof’s service life
We stand behind these fine-performing products with optional, non-prorated warranties on 100% of labor and material costs.

Other Conklin® Product Benefits

Unlike a complete roof replacement, our Conklin® flat roof repair solutions can be applied without any disruption to business operations. And they deliver several other great benefits, as well:

  • ENERGY STAR® certification for long-term energy savings
  • Potentially 30% yearly A/C cost reduction with 85% reflectivity
  • Up to 50% cost savings on avoided roof tear-off and replacement
  • Resists effects of Montana’s and Idaho’s demanding climate patterns
  • No costly slowdown in business operations
  • Lower maintenance and upkeep costs per year
  • Reduced future damage equals less repair cost demands
  • Strengthened building structure with little additional deadweight
  • Expands and contracts with temperature changes
  • Backed by renewable, non-prorated warranties which last for up to 20 years

Our flat roofing solutions will end your flat roof leaks, waterproof it for the future, and reduce your building’s energy consumption for years to come.

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